Can you prevent legal problems? A fact sheet

icon-researchCLEO is releasing the first in a series of fact sheets summarizing some of our key findings from our research comparing health literacy and legal capability. Our discussion paper, Don’t smoke, don’t be poor, read before signing: linking health literacy and legal capability (2015), provides an overview of health literacy information practices in Ontario and discusses effective health information practices that can be adapted to improve the accessibility, usefulness, and reach of public legal education and information (PLEI).

Can you prevent legal problems?, a two page fact sheet, canvasses whether the focus on prevention found in health literacy interventions can be neatly applied to the PLEI context. We hope that you’ll review this brief fact sheet and share your views on this topic with us.

For more information about this research, read the summary of Don’t smoke, don’t be poor or the full report.

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