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Can digital replace personal in the delivery of legal aid?

This report was a discussion paper for the conference of the International Legal Aid Group in 2013. The author questioned whether greater use of technology can effectively replace face to face legal services for marginalized people. He reviewed several projects set up to deliver digital legal information in the U.K. and other jurisdictions, and legal information hotlines around the world. He also reviewed a major U.K. digital health information project that had not been successful (and that has since been dissolved). He concluded that, although there is great potential for developing effective ways to distribute legal information on line. However, especially for marginalized people, there must remain some focus on allowing options that supplement digital information with telephone or face to face services if needed.

Author: Smith, Roger
Title of Work: Can digital replace personal in the delivery of legal aid?
Date: 2013
URL: Click here
Topic: PLE development and delivery & Technology and access to justice
Location of Authoring Organization by Country: United Kingdom
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Availability: Full report online
Language: English