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Civil Legal Needs Research Report

This research was designed to give a clear picture of the legal needs of British Columbians for the Law Foundation. It summarizes studies done in British Columbia and other jurisdictions, in order to help the Law Foundation better use its funding and plan for the future. Information from previous research and evaluations, as well as statistics on services, are described. These studies show gaps in BC legal services, which the report uses to suggest next steps. The report includes an overview of British Columbia’s demographics in order to suggest the potential demand for legal services in the future.

Author: McEown, Carol
Title of Work: Civil Legal Needs Research Report
Date: 2009
Organization: Law Foundation of British Columbia
URL: Click here
Topic: Needs assessments
Location of Authoring Organization by Country: Canada
Location of Authoring Organization by Province/ State (unless national entity): British Columbia
Availability: Full report online
Language: English