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Family law information hub project evaluation, Final report

The Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick developed a family law information and support initiative in 2009 called the Family Law Information Hub Project (Family Law NB/Droit de la famille NB), funded by Justice Canada. The objective was to develop an online family law information source with information and tools to help people representing themselves before the New Brunswick Family Law System. The evaluation of the website aimed to measure if the project created public awareness of the Family Law NB resources, its effectiveness in helping self-represented litigants find information and navigate the legal system, the extent that it reduced the strain on the family justice system and court registrar, and satisfaction with the website by stakeholders. Evaluation data were collected using website traffic analytics, questionnaires, interviews, and focus groups with stakeholders.The results showed that most of the respondents were aware of the Family Law NB website and toll-free information line. Many indicated that it was a valuable resource that they promoted to self-represented litigants and that the website and its resources did reduce time and workload for front-line workers. However, data also showed a major gap despite these resources. Most self-represented litigants need more access to legal services, mediation services, and educational support. The report concludes that the website and its resources are viewed by all stakeholders as positive and necessary to reduce the large information gap in New Brunswick. However, the information on the site needs to remain current and more initiatives are needed, such as workshops and hands-on activities. The report includes quotes from the interviews with respondents.

Author: Atlantic Evaluation Group Inc.
Title of Work: Family law information hub project evaluation, Final report
Date: 2011
Organization: PLEI Service of New Brunswick
URL: Click here
Topic: Evaluation & Family law
Location of Authoring Organization by Country: Canada
Location of Authoring Organization by Province/ State (unless national entity): New Brunswick
Availability: Full report online
Language: English