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Online legal advice and conflicts support: a Dutch experience

This report evaluates the Dutch website, which provides a mechanism for online interventions in legal conflicts, including a gateway to online dispute resolution. The evaluators looked at short and long-term effects of by comparing the conflicts and conflict processes of people who used Rechtwijzer to help with family and consumer law conflicts and people who did not use it. Over 1,500 people completed a digital survey for this evaluation.

People who visited reported an overall positive evaluation of the website. They used it to deal with complex family law conflicts and also consumer law conflicts where large amounts of money were at issue. Researchers did not find clear evidence to determine whether using helped minimize the stress of dealing with legal problems. However, users did report that they felt more able to solve problems related to their divorce after using the program. The researchers felt that this suggested a positive short-term effect of on self-efficacy.

Author: Bickel, Esmeé; Giebels, Ellen
Title of Work: Online legal advice and conflicts support: a Dutch experience
Date: 2015
Organization: University of Twente
URL: Click here
Topic: Formats and delivery channels; PLE development and delivery & Technology and access to justice
Location of Authoring Organization by Country: The Netherlands
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Availability: Full report online
Language: English