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Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States

This report outlines the findings of a two-year study about delivery of legal services in the United States. The study found that 80 percent of poor people and moderate income people cannot access the legal help they need.

The report addresses, in part, the increasing use of technology to deliver legal information, including mobile apps. It also contains many recommendations for improving access to justice in the United States, including:

  • regular “legal checkups” for individuals, and guidelines to help lawyers and bar associations develop legal checkup tools
  • partnering with other disciplines and the public for insights about innovating the delivery of legal services
  • a “vast” expansion of resources to improve access to legal aid and pro bono services
Author: American Bar Association
Title of Work: Report on the Future of Legal Services in the United States
Date: 2016
Organization: American Bar Association
URL: Click here
Topic: Access to Justice; Formats and delivery channels & PLE development and delivery
Location of Authoring Organization by Country: United States
Location of Authoring Organization by Province/ State (unless national entity): District of Columbia
Availability: Full report online
Language: English