Legal Information Training for Aboriginal Elders

Project Name

Listening and Learning: A Community Legal Information Training Project

Project Partners

Lead Agency: Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre
Partners: Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic, Human Rights Legal Support Centre

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Project Summary

This project will train Aboriginal elders and front line community workers in the Thunder Bay area in income security and human rights. Training will be done through knowledge-sharing community feasts with Aboriginal elders and face-to-face workshops with front-line workers.

Legal Topics for Training

Training will be provided on income security and human rights.

Information on income security will include:

  • Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program
  • The process of applying for income assistance
  • Resources and services for people interacting with Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program

Information on human rights will include:

  • The Ontario Human Rights Code and how it relates to Aboriginal reserves and territories

Target Audience

The target audience for this project is the Aboriginal community in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area.

Key Activities

This project will use two different training strategies. Knowledge-sharing feasts will be used to share legal information with Aboriginal elders. Feasts are a traditional activity within the Aboriginal community. At feasts, elders share their concerns and teachings with the community.

Information will be delivered to front line workers through face-face-workshops.

A resource package will be given to workers and elders so that they can make better referrals.

Need for Training

Income security and human rights are important for people’s well-being. However, there is confusion among Aboriginal people around entitlement and legal requirements. This project responds to this need by giving elders and workers information that they can use to identify legal and human rights issues in the community.

Innovative Approach

This project is innovative because it focuses on knowledge-sharing with elders. Elders are very important to the Aboriginal community, but there are very few projects, if any, that provide them with legal information. This project recognizes the important position that they play in the community.