Legal information training for front line community workers in Peel & surrounding areas

Project Name

Legal information training for front line community workers in Peel & surrounding areas

Lead Agency: Peel Multicultural Council
Legal Partners: North Peel & Dufferin Community Legal Services; Human Rights Legal Support Centre
Community Partners: Punjabi Community Health Services

Legal Topics for Training

The legal topics to be covered are rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code) and entitlement to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

Project Summary

The project will provide training on human rights law and ODSP to settlement and community workers who work with newcomers in the Peel Region and surrounding areas.

Target Audience

The project will offer training to all front-line workers in Peel Region who are providing settlement services.

Key Activities

Project work will include:

  • developing five training modules to be delivered in three different locations across Peel Region
  • developing an online discussion forum on legal services after training is complete, in order to share information about legal issues settlement workers face in their daily work, challenges and successes of legal information and legal education
  • having training participants use their new knowledge by participating in a community activity where they share information about learned areas of the law with their local neighbourhood groups or in their agencies
  • Need for Training

    The wide range of language and cultural differences that exist in Peel Region and the surrounding areas act as a barrier to newcomers seeking legal information on many topics which are important if they are to integrate successfully important for successful integration. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that the majority of settlement/community workers themselves are fairly new to Canada.

    Innovative Approach

    Based on existing knowledge of the Peel region, this project would be the first of its kind to take place in the last 20 plus years. It is a formal initiative to equip settlement and community workers with the knowledge needed to provide proper guidance to immigrants on matters of the law. Innovative training techniques will be used such as simulation, webinars, training intermediaries in legal education, and shared experiential learning.