Navigating Human Rights and the Law for Transgender People in Simcoe/ Muskoka

Project Name

Navigating Human Rights and the Law for Transgender People in Simcoe Muskoka

Lead Agency: The Gilbert Centre for Social and Support Services
Legal Partner: Community Legal Clinic – Simcoe, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes
Community Partner: The Mediation Centre

Legal Topics for Training

Legal and human rights regarding issues that transgender (trans*) people face on a regular basis, including family law, employment, income support, housing law, mental health, and health care.

Project Summary

Trans* community liaisons will host workshops to front-line social service workers and trans* community leaders. They will provide participants with practical information about trans* communities and address the barriers trans* people face.

Target Audience

The target audiences for the training are:

  • Front line service providers and administrative support workers from community service agencies throughout Simcoe & Muskoka District
  • trans* community leaders
  • Organizations providing services to children, youth, and their families

Key Activities

Training will include preparing case studies that will provide participants with information about how the law is structured and organized to protect people’s rights, and about how to navigate the systems and services that currently exist to support people as they try to exercise their rights. Project facilitators will then conduct two-day workshops in four locations, structured on a co-facilitation model. To ensure accurate information, one of the facilitators in each workshop will be a legal service provider, and the other facilitator will be a community partner agency member who will bring with them knowledge and expertise in working in the trans* community.

Need for Training

Front line staff and service providers need a better understanding of the problems rooted in legal issues surrounding human rights as they relate to everyday life in order to effectively work with members of the trans* community. Training can be useful in developing cultural competency among service providers. The approach to be taken will be “Trans 101* training.”

Innovative Approach

This project is innovative in its attempt to respond to the rising awareness among mainstream service providers of the many issues facing trans* people. This will be the first professional development opportunity to navigate issues specific trans* persons in Simcoe County and the Muskoka District.