Game changers

icon-pletechnologyLooking for less traditional public legal education and information (PLE) tools? When METRAC, a Toronto-based charity serving women and youth, wanted to produce an educational tool for young people to challenge sexual violence, they took a less traditional route than a pamphlet or brochure. They worked with youth to develop a digital quiz game called “What It Is“.

The game can be played in English or French, online, and on mobile phones. It provides definitions and warning signs about sexual violence, tests users on their knowledge of violence and their rights, and lists community resources where users can turn for help.

A group of diverse youth tested and contributed to the game’s content through focus groups and the project was guided by a youth advisory team. To promote the game, promotional materials were distributed to schools and service providers across the country, media outlets were invited to the game’s launch, and a dedicated website was developed.

After the launch, METRAC evaluated the effectiveness of the game and its impact on awareness and attitudes. The evaluation report revealed that the game is a great tool for educating youth and has the potential to prevent sexual violence.

METRAC has also developed another online game geared for girls and young women which aims to address gender stereotyping and abusive teen dating relationships.  For more information about that game, called “Finding Zoe”, and background information about METRAC’s PLE online games, click here.

Have you used or learned about online games in your PLE work? Please share your examples here!

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  1. Author: Nicole

    on July 29, 2014 at 10:40 am - Reply

    “Game changers” — I like the title! Very good post too. Very innovative approach to PLE.

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