Learnings and tips

In November 2013, representatives of 9 of the 12 public legal education and information (PLE) projects then funded by Connecting Communities met to mark the successful completion of the three year Connecting Communities pilot project.

During this session, they discussed:

  • effective practices for establishing, conducting and evaluating training sessions
  • challenges they had encountered in their project work
  • solutions for some of the challenges encountered

Effective practices for PLE trainings: from the ground up

Resulting from this session: a wealth of effective practices on how to establish, conduct and evaluate successful training sessions and outreach to community intermediaries. Connecting Communities has distilled this invaluable input from the Connecting projects into 5 tip sheets.

Tip sheets

To access tip sheets in .pdf format on any of the topics listed below, click on the topic heading.AC planning meeting

Challenges in PLE trainings

During this session, participants also identified the following challenges in establishing successful training projects:

  • limited space for planning and conducting projects
  • the need to build mobile capacity
  • difficulty finding time to write project funding proposals
  • ensuring information from an urban perspective also reflects rural and remote

Solutions to the challenges

The participants also discussed possible solutions to the above problems:

  • Place a stronger focus on using existing resources. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Create online training that can be easily adapted and used in different settings and communities.
  • Provide resources to replicate and adapt existing training projects for other communities.
  • Create an archive of existing material from all projects on a central hub such as the PLE Learning Exchange.

Issues for future discussion

The participants flagged the following issues as important for further discussion:

  • tips to address taboo topics which might arise in training sessions
  • strategies to ensure that evaluation forms are completed
  • strategies to help urban communities better connect with rural communities
  • ideas on how to better track resources

Thanks to all of the Connecting Communities projects who participated in the three-year pilot project – your input throughout the pilot and during the November 2013 wrap-up session helped us to prepare the above tip sheets and information.