Training for library staff

This is a screenshot of the introduction page of a CLEO webinar on how to find good legal information. It reads "Helping people find good legal information: A presentation  for library staff in partnership with SOLS". "SOLS" is an acronym for the Southern Ontario Library Service. The training was conducted by CLEO's Michelle Cader and Rebecca Stulberg on April 26, 2017. Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) provides training workshops in person and in webinar format for community agencies and intermediaries on how to help members of the communities they work with find good legal information.

One resource for library staff who want to learn more about helping library users find accurate legal information is our webinar “Helping people find good legal information”. CLEO hosted this webinar in partnership with the Southern Ontario Library Service.

Helping people find good legal information: In partnership with Southern Ontario Library Services from CLEO Webinars on Vimeo.

To find out more about how you can book a training session for your library, contact Michelle Cader, CLEO’s Community Outreach Manager. Michelle can be reached at (416) 408-4420, ext. 826, or at

For more information, you can also have a look at CLEO's presentation slides for library staff created in April 2017.