New webinar! Better legal information: the How-to’s of Plain Language – the sequel

WebinarsPlain language is quickly becoming the “new normal” in legal writing: direct, simple, and clear.

This webinar, hosted by the PLE Learning Exchange, explores practical techniques to create easy-to-understand legal information for the public.

Topics covered in the webinar, which lasts just under 1 hour, include:

  • planning legal information projects with audience and purpose in mind
  • applying plain language principles
  • choosing the right tone, style, and words

Want to make sure your PLE materials pack more punch? You can view the webinar right here by clicking on the arrow displayed on the video below.

Or, click here to check out the tips and active links to more information covered in the presentation materials.

This webinar builds upon ideas shared in a previous webinar. Part 1 also addressed how to plan legal information projects with audience and purpose in mind. Did you miss Part 1? Fret not.  You can view it here:

What tips have worked for you when creating PLE materials? Please share in the comments section below.

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