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CLEO research

Recently released CLEO reports


Current CLEO research projects

CLEO currently has one research project underway:

  • Evolving Legal Services Research Project
    This three-year research project, implemented with case studies in Ontario and British Columbia, looks at when PLE programs are effective and provide individuals meaningful access to justice, particularly people who are low income or have other disadvantages. For more information, visit the Evolving Legal Services Research page.

Completed CLEO research

  • Legal Life Skills: a curriculum for adult learners and trainers
    This research builds upon CLEO’s reports prepared in 2016 for the Canadian Bar Association on how legal capability or “legal life skills” training could be incorporated into existing life skills programs in Ontario. CLEO will develop select draft task sets on legal capability and pilot them through a job-readiness literacy training program in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Evolving Legal Services: Review of Current Literature (2013)
    Report prepared for CLEO by Dr. Melina Buckley as part of the planning phase of our Evolving Legal Services Research Project (ELSRP).  In the ELSRP project, CLEO aims to evaluate the impact of PLEI on the procedural and substantive outcomes experienced by people who receive PLEI as part of the continuum of legal services.
  • Public Legal Education and Information in Ontario Communities: Formats and Delivery Channels (2013)
    This study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of formats and delivery channels in reaching diverse audiences in Ontario.
  • Mulitilingual Legal Information: Issues in Development and Delivery (2009)
    This report follows up on CLEO’s Linguistic Access Report (2005) with updated information on the pressing legal needs of linguistic communities and factors impacting their access to information.
  • Exploring the Expansion of CLEONet: Final Project Report to the Law Foundation of Ontario (2009)
    This report outlines CLEO’s vision for a collaborative Ontario PLE website targeting low-income populations that would provide online legal information, legal education and training primarily for community workers and also community based legal and other referrals.
  • Tapping the Community Voice: Looking at Family Law Self-Help through an Access to Justice Lens (2008)
    In March, 2008, CLEO hosted a think tank on the effective use of self-help family law materials by low income and marginalized communities. The report discusses themes and recommended next steps.
  • Aboriginal Peoples and Access to Legal Information (2006)
    This report discusses the most effective PLEI methods for Aboriginal audiences, the role of Aboriginal languages in access to legal information, the legal issues identified based on feedback from respondents, and the appropriate role for CLEO as a non-Aboriginal agency in developing and providing PLEI for Aboriginal audiences.
  • Linguistic Access Report (2005)
    This report suggests steps CLEO can take to help meet the public legal education needs of low-income communities in Ontario who do not speak French or English.
  • Public legal education: Helping people understand and exercise their legal rights (2005)
    This transcript of a 2005 Community Legal Education Ontario conference on PLE delivery and evaluation includes an outline of the concepts underlying PLE, provides answers to frequently asked questions PLE agencies often ask when developing PLE resources and examines relevant factors in PLE evaluation.
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