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With help from Ryerson Law Research Centre, CLEO has put together an annotated bibliography of research on public legal education and information. This is a work in progress and we continue to add research reports on an ongoing basis.

To search for a report by keyword, use the “Search” text bar at the top right hand corner of the page. Or, to filter the database by authoring organization, topic, country, date or keyword in the report title, see below.

Help us make this a useful and comprehensive resource. Let us know if we’ve missed a report, or if your organization has conducted  research relating to PLE that’s not included here. You can reach us at Thank you!

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Title Author Organization Topic Location Date
Family Violence and the Deaf – Legal Education and Information Issues: A National Needs Assessment MacDougall, Jamie C Department of Justice Canada Needs assessments Canada 2000
Able Mothers: The intersection of parenting, disability and the law Track, Laura West Coast Women's Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF) Family law; People with disabilities; PLE audiences; PLE development and delivery Canada 2014