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With help from Ryerson Law Research Centre, CLEO has put together an annotated bibliography of research on public legal education and information. This is a work in progress and we continue to add research reports on an ongoing basis.

To search for a report by keyword, use the “Search” text bar at the top right hand corner of the page. Or, to filter the database by authoring organization, topic, country, date or keyword in the report title, see below.

Help us make this a useful and comprehensive resource. Let us know if we’ve missed a report, or if your organization has conducted  research relating to PLE that’s not included here. You can reach us at Thank you!

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Title Author Organization Topic Location Date
Alberta Self-Represented Litigants Mapping Project: Final Report Stratton, Mary Canadian Forum on Civil Justice Self-help Canada 2007
BC Supreme Court Self-Help Information Centre: Initial Evaluation Report Malcolmson, John Justice Education Society of B.C. Self-help Canada 2005
Cases Without Counsel: Our Recommendations After Listening to the Litigants Knowlton, Natalie Anne Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System Access to Justice; PLE development and delivery United States 2016
Cases Without Counsel: Research on Experiences of Self-Representation in U.S. Family Court Cornett, Logan; Drobinske, Janet L.; Gerety, Corina D. Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System PLE development and delivery United States 2016
Civil Justice Reform Project, Summary of Findings and Recommendations Osborne, Coulter A. Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General Self-help Canada 2007
Developing a coordinated service model for self representing litigants: Proposed Service Vision and Program Design Malcolmson, John; Reid, Gayla Self-help Canada 2004
Digital delivery of legal services to people on low incomes: working papers Smith, Roger Legal Education Foundation Formats and delivery channels; PLE development and delivery; Self-help United Kingdom 2014
Evolving Legal Services: Review of Current Literature Community Legal Education Ontario Access to Justice; Legal information best practices; Needs assessments Canada 2013
ISB Self Help project, Executive summary Advice Now Advice Now Self-help United Kingdom 2005
Just a Phone Call Away: Is Telephone Advice Enough? Balmer, Nigel J.; Denvir, Catrina; Patel, Ash Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law Formats and delivery channels; PLE development and delivery United Kingdom 2012
Literacy Requirements of Court Documents: An Unexplored Barrier to Access to Justice Burkell, Jacquelyn; Isaj, Lori; Piva, Brandon Western University Faculty of Information and Media Studies PLE development and delivery Canada 2017
National Self-Represented Litigants Project: Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Self-Represented Litigants Macfarlane, Julie Law Foundation of Alberta; Law Foundation of British Columbia; Law Foundation of Ontario Self-help Canada 2013
Resources to Assist Self-Represented Litigants Greacen, John M. Michigan State Bar Foundation Self-help United States 2011
Self-Help, Reimagined Greiner, D. James; Jiménez, Dalié Indiana Law Journal PLE development and delivery United States 2016
Self-Helpers Need Help Too Currie, Ab Department of Justice Canada Self-help Canada 2010
Self-Represented Litigants in Nova Scotia: Needs Assessment Study Paton, Anna Nova Scotia Department of Justice Self-help Canada 2004
Tapping the Community Voice: Looking at Family Law Self-Help through an Access to Justice Lens Community Legal Education Ontario Community Legal Education Ontario Self-help Canada 2008
The Lawyer is Not the Protagonist: Community Campaigns, Law and Social Change Gordon, Jennifer Fordham University School of Law Access to Justice; PLE development and delivery United States 2011
The Self-Help Center Census: A National Survey Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services American Bar Association Self-help United States 2014
Voices from the field: Needs mapping self-help services in rural and remote communities Malcolmson, John Supreme Court Self-help Information Centre Indigenous peoples; Needs assessments; Rural and remote communities Canada 2008