Module 1:

How to help your clients

A checklist about reliable online legal information

Use this checklist to review a legal information website to help figure out if the
content is reliable.

Does the information apply?
  • Was the information produced in Canada? Was it produced in Ontario?
Is the information up to date?
  • Is the information marked clearly with the month and date when produced or last reviewed?

Is the information from a trustworthy source?
  • Is the website produced by a reputable non-profit or government organization?
  • Is the website trying to sell you more information or legal services?
Does the website follow standard best practices for providing information to the public?
  • Does the website provide complete contact information including mailing address, telephone number and email address?
  • Does the website make you register or sign up to use it? If so, does the website have a clear privacy policy?
  • Does the website point you to other sources for similar information? If so, do the links on the website work?

To download a 1 page version of this checklist in PDF format, click here.

This checklist was adapted from “Is it reliable: 7 Clues to Good Legal Information Online” which was produced by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta in September 2012.