Module 2:

Developing content

A checklist about designing clear written information

Use this checklist to review your information to see whether it is presented as clearly as it could be.

Are your sentences short and easy to read?

try to limit sentence length to a maximum of 15-25 words

Have you highlighted headings and important text?

make sure your headings stand out – they are what helps highlight your information

Is there enough white space in your document?

make sure that there are good-sized margins
use bulleted lists and ample spacing
leave more space above a heading than below so that it looks connected to the text

Is your print content easy to read?

print to a black-and-white printer to make sure that your background tone is not too dark for the font you’re using
choose fonts with easily recognizable letterforms – avoid script fonts
avoid fonts that are too fat or narrow
avoid using bold or italic text

This checklist is also available as a one page downloadable PDF.