Module 2:

Developing content

A checklist about making sure your information is accurate and useful

Use this checklist to remind you of the steps you need to take to make sure your information is accurate and reflects the needs of your audience.

Have you worked with a legal reviewer?

include a legal expert on your information project team

Have you considered real-life situations?

ask your legal reviewers to consider some of the real-life scenarios that affect your audience

Have you checked all the facts?

make sure to check all hyperlinks, phone numbers, and other changeable information

Have you double-checked?

double-check all legal and practical content just before you publish

Have you stated which province the information applies to?

remember that some laws change from province to province

Have you put a date on the information?

make sure to include the date that your information was produced, reviewed, or updated

Have you added a disclaimer?

make sure to alert your audience to the fact that your material contains legal information only, not legal advice

This checklist is also available as a one page downloadable PDF.