Module 4:

Using social media effectively

Expanding your social media network

New to using social media in your work? Here are some tips on how to build up your social media network to make sure that your messages get heard.

Start building your social media network

  • join and participate in social networks such as Twitter and Facebook
  • look for the social media presence of the people and organizations you know and trust, and start to “follow” them
  • be selective – “following” people or organizations that do not provide a lot of content relevant to your work can clutter your social media feed and make you miss important information
  • if your organization has limited staff time or capacity, consider sharing responsibility for social media amongst more than one person – or have a volunteer or student take on building your network

Look at how organizations similar to yours are using social media

  • this might give you some guidance on when and what to post on your feed that will attract partner organizations’ attention

Create a content stream

  • figure out what type of content your organization can contribute regularly
  • find ways of getting it online easily and in a meaningful way
    • if you have regular content of some length, it might be worth setting up a free blog or sharing it through your existing website
    • shorter content and links can be more easily shared through Twitter or Facebook

Integrate your social media channels

  • create “campaigns” through which you share your messages across both traditional outreach methods (such as mailing lists) and social media
  • make sure that your social media identities or “social handles” are mentioned:
    • on your organization’s website in a prominent place
    • in your email signature
    • on your office letterhead
    • on any of your print materials