Module 2:

Developing content

Finding sources for more tips on developing content

Below is a list of tools to help you create clear and compelling print and online information.

CLEO’s Better Legal Information Handbook: A start-to-finish guide for community workers on planning, preparing and evaluating your PLE written materials. Contact the PLE Learning Exchange to order a print copy, or check out our PDF with interactive links.

Better Legal Information: the how-to’s of plain language: a webinar series hosted by CLEO’s PLE Learning Exchange, exploring practical techniques to create easy-to-understand legal information for the public. Nicole Osbourne-James, a plain language editor at CLEO, presents both seminars.

Clear Language and Design’s tips on measuring readability: This website provides some tips on how to make sure your content is more readable. This website features a free tool where you can cut and paste in your written content to grade how readable it is.

PLE Learning Exchange clearinghouse of resources: Check out our resources pages for information from other jurisdictions and the most up-to-date resources we’ve located.

Please note that these links were current as of March 31, 2016.

You can also download a PDF of this information, or the whole module.