Using media to promote your message

Producing public legal education and information (PLE) materials is hard work. But your PLE still needs to be promoted and distributed. Picking the medium or media that your audience is most likely to access can make all the difference.

Here are a few ways to go about spreading the word:

Connect with other websites

Get in touch with other websites that deal with similar issues. Let them know about your new information – suggest that they include a link to it on their site or let their users know how to get it.

In Ontario, the Your Legal Rights website features legal information resources from organizations across the province. Visit the site and ask about including your information resource there.

Use social media

Using social media like Facebook or Twitter is a cheap and easy way to promote your information. Post or tweet about your new information, who it’s for, and how to access it. If you have a website, include links to it so people can find you.

Contact traditional media

These days, it’s easy to forget that not everyone uses the internet. Where they are available, community radio and television programs can be very effective in reaching ethno-cultural or linguistic communities and people who are housebound or isolated.

Do you have a short piece of printed PLE that you have developed? Consider adapting it to a radio script and asking your local radio station for time to share it.

See CLEO’s Better Legal Information Handbook for more information on how to distribute and promote your PLE.

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