CLEO’s Better Legal Information Handbook

Better Legal Information HandbookCLEO created a resource called Better Legal Information Handbook: Practical tips for community workers.

If you create legal information for the public, this will be a helpful resource. Consult the handbook when you start a project and follow the practical steps, all captured in an easy-to-use chart, as you go along.

Topics include:

  • knowing your audience and writing for them
  • choosing the best way to present your information
  • applying plain language and design principles
  • ensuring accuracy
  • testing and evaluating

Try the online version with active links.

Ordering information:

To order a copy, contact us at

We can send one free copy to any non-profit group in Ontario. For multiple copies and for any for-profit groups or organizations outside of Ontario, there is a fee of $20 for each handbook to recover costs.

We'd love your comments and feedback and to hear any stories of how the handbook has helped you in your work.

Contact us at

"This is an amazing resource that will help us all develop more effective legal information for the public. I'll use it in my own work and highly recommend it to others," says Pamela Cross.

(Pamela is a feminist lawyer and experienced public legal education practitioner who works in the violence against women sector.)