Funding process

Overview of the process

The steps in developing and applying for a Connecting project are:

STEP 1: You and your colleagues have an idea for a legal information training initiative, so you contact the Connecting Communities staff team and arrange a meeting. We discuss your ideas and possible partners and begin to firm up a project proposal. We then help you draft your concept summary. A concept summary is a letter of intent that outlines the key aspects of your proposed project.

STEP 2: Your concept summary is shared with a few members of our Advisory Committee who share their ideas based on their experiences.

STEP 3: After any final changes or revisions, Connecting Communities staff submit the concept summary to the Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO). If approved, you are invited to submit a full proposal to the LFO.

STEP 4: You and the organizations you are partnering with complete a full proposal, including a detailed work-plan and budget, and the Connecting Communities staff do a final review of the proposal before it is submitted to the LFO.

STEP 5: If your proposal is approved, you receive funding from the LFO to carry out your project, and someone from your team joins the Advisory Committee.

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