Developing PLE

Tools and tips

User testing

Plain language and literacy organizations

  • Clear Language and Design (CLAD)
    This organization provides training and editing services to organizations about clear language writing.  Their website contains a free and useful Reading Effectiveness Tool to help you test your printed materials.
  • Clarity: An international association promoting plain legal language
    This website advocates using plain language in place of legalese and contains links to journal articles on plain language issues.
  • PLAIN Language Association International
    This international association for plain-language supporters and practitioners promotes clear communication in any language.  Their website contains free resources and practical examples to help you begin using plain language in your work.

Information practices from the health sector

This section provides links to materials developed in the health sector to improve communications between medical professionals and patients.  They provide some useful tips for plainer communications within the legal field.  Stay tuned for our report on parallels between effective communication practices in the health sector and those in the legal sector – to be posted in late 2014.

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