Legal health checks – Australia

Note to Canadian users: We share the following materials as examples of approaches to legal health checks in other jurisdictions. The legal content in the materials may not be relevant to Ontario or Canadian law and as such should not be distributed in their exact form to your clients. If you wish to adapt any of the tools for your own context, please contact the specific authoring organization.

Legal Health Check online portal for community workers (Queensland), 2014-2015

This series of five legal screening tools is intended to help community workers detect legal issues and make appropriate referrals. The five checklists are tailored to the following groups: marginalized people generally; youth at risk; newcomers; people facing housing problems; people with mental health issues


Legal Health Check Up: What Shape Is Your Legal Health In? (Tasmania), 2012

This comprehensive resource, produced by a community legal centre, contains point-form practical and legal tips on various life events and situation in which people encounter the law. It also contains information on how to find a lawyer and how to prepare for a legal appointment. Much of the information is practical in nature and would lend itself to adaptation to the Canadian context with some editing to change Australian references to Canadian ones.

  • Authoring organization: Women’s Legal Service
  • Intended users: Vulnerable women (but useful for the general public)
  • Areas screened: Business law; employment law; family law; wills and estates law; immigration/international law; real property law; personal injury; criminal law; “other matters”


  • What shape is your legal health in? (PDF – 32 pages)
  • NOTE: page 5 contains a helpful one-page checklist relevant to the Canadian context on things to look out for when signing an agreement.

Legal Health Checklist (Australian Capital Territory), 2012

This resource, produced by a community legal centre, contains point-form tips on financial and insurance issues.

  • Authoring organization: Legal Aid ACT
  • Intended users: General public
  • Areas screened: Wills; matrimonial and family law; buying a house; housing (for landlords and tenants); mortgages; personal loans; bankruptcy; what happens when someone dies; being questioned by the police


Legal Health Check – videos and questionnaire (Queensland), 2012

A community legal centre produced two training videos and a screening questionnaire intended to help pro bono lawyers and front-line workers detect legal issues in order to refer their clients for appropriate help. The resources target people facing homelessness and focus on the fact that these people often have multiple and intersecting legal needs.

  • Authoring organization: Homeless Persons Legal Clinic
  • Intended users: Front line staff who assist people at risk of or experiencing homelessness; pro bono lawyers at satellite legal clinics dealing with homeless people or people at risk of homelessness
  • Areas screened: Debt, housing, guardianship, crime, child and family issues, “general”


Legal health check training videos

Transcripts of training videos