Legal life skills curriculum

CLEO has developed six “legal life skills activity kits” for instructors in job readiness and literacy training programs in Ontario. These kits are intended to equip adult learners in these programs with the knowledge and skills they need to recognize legal problems and stop them from becoming more serious. They provide case studies and activities that can be easily integrated into your program.

Before developing the kits, CLEO conducted research and spoke with many trainers about the knowledge and skills their learners need to help them gain confidence in dealing with legal issues and problems. We developed draft kits, consulted with trainers on the drafts, and piloted the kits with six job readiness literacy training programs across Ontario in autumn 2016 and autumn 2017. We made improvements to the kits based on feedback from the pilots.

The activity kits help people get organized, track information, and ultimately better cope with everyday work issues as well as potential legal problems. They are grouped as follows:

You can download the full curriculum free of charge.

There is no “right way” to use the activity kits. Instructors who have worked with these materials report using them in several different ways. Some have directed the students to complete the exercises as designed. Others have used the stories and questions as a jumping board to open discussions, in order to help build confidence and active listening and responding skills. And some have created their own quizzes and puzzles based on the materials. We invite job readiness and literacy instructors and their students to use the activity kits in the ways that will work best for everyone.

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CLEO prepared this curriculum with financial assistance from the Canadian Bar Association's Law for the Future Fund.