Needs assessments and evaluations

Needs assessments

Reports, papers, and presentations


  • Statistics Canada
    Statistics Canada produces reports, census data, maps, and other data presentations on a variety of topics such as population, resources, economy, society, and culture.  Their website has information on past census data and reports and handbooks about different demographic areas.
  • Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative (TIEDI)
    TIEDI helps organizations access the quantitative data they need to identify priorities, develop programs and services, compose proposals and reports, and carry out advocacy and public education work.  You can find links to community-driven datasets, factsheets, and analytical reports on their website.


  • Access Alliance Multicultural Health Centre
    Access Alliance’s research focuses on racialized groups and health access. You can find information on their site about determinants of health, non-status immigrants, and other topics relating to health and newcomers.
  • Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE)
    The ACE library webpage has online information on a broad range of topics relating to the elderly, including fact sheets, webinars, and reports.  Their Submissions and Reports webpage contains more specific information about needs assessments for the elderly.
  • ARCH Disability Law Centre
    The ARCH Disability Law Centre has online resources on a variety of topics relating to people with disabilities and social justice.  These include information and reports on needs assessments for people with disabilities.
  • Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)
    The CCPA produces publications on different social, economic, and environmental issues.  They also have videos and interactive tools on their website.
  • Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC)
    ISAC’s resources focus on systemic issues and income security for people in Ontario, including needs assessment information on basic level of income.
  • National Housing Research Committee (NHRC)
    The NHRC maintains profiles of the country’s research hubs and repositories as well as links to on-line searchable library collections relating to housing issues.
  • Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO)
    SPNO’s research reports examine social policies, socio-demographic trends, poverty, and other issues relevant to Ontario residents.
  • Social Planning Toronto
    Social Planning Toronto’s research examines the social and economic effects of public policy on Toronto residents, and developing policy alternatives.
  • Wellesley Institute
    The Wellesley Institute produces research on topics such as housing, healthcare, economics, and community building for the purpose of advancing population health.


Reports, papers, and presentations

Webinars and videos

  • Online tools for measuring impact
    This PLEI Connect webinar has information on how to use free or low-cost online tools to measure the impact of your program, online user testing tools and metrics important for evaluating your social media plan.  1 hour 7 minutes in duration. Presented by Fiona MacCool of Your Legal Rights. (June 2013)
  • Web analytics for PLEI projects
    Stay out of the weeds! A PLEI Connect webinar on the web analytics that matter for your PLEI project.  1 hour 15 minutes in duration. Presented by Bryan Robertson from Open Road (English) and Stéphane Hamel of Cardinal Path (French). (December 2012)
  • Is It Reliable? – 7 Clues to Good Legal Information Online
    Short presentation video (4 minutes 15 seconds).  Created by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA). (September 2012)
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